Thursday, July 20, 2017

Quote Of The Day!

If I stayed down each time I fell down; You wouldn't have me here today, But each time I fell I stood up and started again. Falling down doesn't make you a loser, But staying down. Your success is not numbered by the number of times you fell and failed, But by the number of times you rose up, conquered, and succeeded. Be brave and determined.

Businesses You Can Start Without Capital.

The day to day deteriorating economic conditions of the world have made it difficult for many people to raise capital for starting business ventures. As such, many have opted to operate small businesses that can be carried out at the comfort of their dwelling places. This discourse, therefore, seeks to discuss different ventures that can be started with little or no capital at all.

Blogging for example is a good business you can start without capital. Why not try it out if you have the passion for writing and reporting. There is money in passion, the passion keeps you going even in the storms till it starts generating income.

Consultancy services are one of the business ventures that you can start without thinking of money. Some of these consultancy services include marriage, legal, educational and property consultancy. Here, you do not need any capital to start. You only need to posses the relevant professional skills for any of the above fields. Your immediate pool of clients should be your family and friends whom you can reach easily through mobile phones or even email correspondences.

Another business venture you can start without capital is cleaning services. In this regard, you may decide to venture to the dwelling places or even offices. House cleaning services are always on high demand in many homesteads. You can do this by charging a small fee for the work done. Similarly, you can establish contact with a friend who own offices for cleaning of their carpets, polishing and dusting of their office furniture at a small pay. You may as well decide to hire one or two people to help you in these tasks as your business grows.

You can turn your passion and love for kids into a business idea. This can easily work if you already have your own children and you do not mind helping other parents around your neighborhood in raising their kids by turning your home into a day care. This normally works most to the working class who are ever busy at work and do not have time to raise their children. You can convert one of your unoccupied bedrooms if you live in a big apartment into a baby care facility and spread the word around to your neighbours.

Another business that you can start without capital is hair styling and beauty salon. This however requires prior training and experience for you to enjoy its returns. You need not have to own premises; you can talk to a friend who owns a salon to create space for your barber shop services and vice versa.  Also, some clients do prefer mobile hair stylists who can work come and work at the comfort of their homes.

 You can also turn your passion for reading and writing into a business venture. One way of doing this is by offering proof reading services to prominent writers on part time basis. Similarly, you can also advertise your articles and stories on different topics to media houses and get them published, consequently earning a considerable amount of income.

Creativity in organizing events or parties is also a business venture that requires no capital to start. This can be done by liaising with club owners or social halls’ owners in advance then providing good music and charging people reasonable entrance fee. Depending on the agreement between yourself and the owner of the premises, you may end up not paying any fee while the club owner keeps all the money made from the sale of food and drinks during the event.

House Teaching is also a good business you can start without capital. Why not set up a room for after-school lesson in your home or go house to house to teach kids after school; Before you know it you will start employing hands to join you in attending to all your clients/pupils in different zones.

Script/Project writer: Sell your ideas and stories to make cool cash, This is a very good business and you don't need capital to start it.

Do you want to work here on MJB as an article contributor, script writer, post designer, creative worker, news reporter, exclusive informant, project and idea contributors or something else? You stand a chance! Just mail me. Put your talent to work and make some cool cash. Let me support you by taking a lead in giving you my platform to start earning cash without capital. Email me at: MJdborntoshine@Gmail.Com

Word For Today!

The Lord said to Moses what is in your hand (He said a rod)

The prophet asked the widow what do you have in your house (She said a little oil)

Beloved, If the Lord wants to prosper and promote you he will use what is in your hand. (Do not despise the days of small beginning) A small seed can turn into a big tree (God is able).

May God prosper and promote the works of your hands in Jesus name Amen Hallelujah!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Night Post: Let's Talk About Sex 🔥 (18+) Adults Only!

Best Sex Positions For Pregnant Women!!!

Hey sweeties, Do you know that during pregnancy the desire of sex rises for most women and the men's desire gets lower? Not because he doesn't like sex anymore but he is scared of hurting his pregnant wife. Some men are disgusted and irritated to have sex with their pregnant wife during pregnancy and this is really shameful and will put the wife in serious pain when putting to birth and pushing out the baby because the exit road will be blocked/closed. During pregnancy it's better to do sex positions that the woman will be in control and it is not advisable to do hard sex.

See the best sex positions for pregnant women below!

(Warning!!! Viewers Discretion Advised. This post is only for 18+) Adults Only...!!

Celebrity Of The Day: Kate Henshaw

Kate Henshaw, also known as Kate Henshaw-Nuttall, Once married to Mr Nuttall. Katie was born 19 July 1971, She is a Nigerian actress. In 2008 she won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Actress Kate Henshaw, is a fitness maniac, humanitarian, and veteran in Nollywood. Katie is in her 40s but still look like she's in her 20s. The actress is very careful about her health and very passionate about keeping fit, Combined with her good gene everything just works together to give her this awesome look at her age.

Happy Birthday Katie... MJB wishes you a very happy born day!


9mobile! Here for you, Here for 9ja.

9 is significant with nature, the start of life, time of birth. from our entry into the market 9 years ago to our evolution 9 years after, we are still 0809ja.

we are here for you, rebranded for you because it is all about you.

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9 gets you talking more, doing more, achieving more & living more.

Etisalat Naija is now 9mobile... Here for you, Here for 9ja...


A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

Dear Maryjane,

My Marriage crashed because of the press and media. I am a celebrity and he is a public figue too. What do you think we did wrong to get this from the press and media? Please say your mind about this. A friend of mine introduced me to your blog and I love it in here. Keep up the good work.

My Reply- Thanks! The press and media are only capable of destroying a marriage that is not solid in Love/GOD. Nevertheless, The press and media can destroy a marriage they are invited into by social media exposure of the couples posting too much pics and info about their private lives. What most celebrity couples do wrong is too much exposure of their private lives online. If they can tackle this and keep their private lives and professional career separately as two distinctive things they won't be having all that problems like yours in their marriages. Online exposure crash marriages because not everybody are happy over your happiness and what they can't have they kill it. The press and media on the other hand do it for selfish reasons like readership and money, e.t.c. Sorry for your loss, Pray and set things right. Reconciliation and Reconstruction of your marriage is possible, Work on it. Thanks for writing and sharing.

Need an answer to your question? Email me at: MJdborntoshine@Gmail.Com.

Celebrity Of The Day: Emma Nyra.

Emma Chukwugoziam Obi (born July 18, 1988). Professionally known by her stage name Emma Nyra, is an American-born Nigerian singer-songerwriter, actress and model. Today is her born day, And I'm wishing her a very happy birthday. I love you to moon and back Emma! Enjoy your day. MJB and the entire readers here wishes you a very happy birthday girl.

Samsung Under Fire As Government Shuts Down Its Lagos Victoria Island Office Over Failed Registration Of Its Products.

Samsung Office Sealed By Nigerian Government For Failure To Register Its Products. The Standards Organisation of Nigeria on Tuesday sealed the premises of Samsung West Africa in Victoria Island, Lagos, for failure to register some of its products being marketed in Nigeria. Head of Public Relations of SON, Mr Bola Fashina, said this in a statement in Abuja on Tuesday.Fashina said that the action was in accordance with the provisions of the SON Act 14 of 2015. According to him, the Act provides for every product imported into Nigeria to be registered with SON for traceability and confirmation of quality status. Fashina said that SON records showed that many Samsung products in the Nigerian markets were not registered.

He explained that the facility would be reopened once the company registered all its products as required by law.

“We are in the era of ensuring ease of doing business in Nigeria within the laws of the land,” Fashina said.

He said that the representatives of the company claimed ignorance of the need to register the products, and that they did not import nor sold products but only marketing them.

Fashina said that it was the duty of the distributors to register the products (NAN).

News Focus: Four terrorists dump Boko Haram, surrender to Nigerian Troops.

Four terrorists dump Boko Haram, surrender to Nigerian Troops. Four members of the dreaded terrorist group Boko Haram have abandoned the group and surrendered to the Nigerian Army in Goniri, Borno State, Punch reports.

The four claimed they were brainwashed by the terrorist group about Islam, the military and the society in general.

The Nigerian army has said that one of the surrendered terrorists is a high-profile member known as Konto Fanami, who led Boko Haram terrorists operating along Ajigin-Talala-Mungusum road.

Fanami, during the interrogation by the Nigerian Army, said:

“We abandoned the terrorists because of incessant hardship. We realised we were being misled by the leaders. We were erroneously informed and brainwashed about Islam, the military and the society in general.”

The Director, Army Public Relations, Brig Gen Sani Usman has called on other members of the group to take the example of the four and surrender. He promised they would be treated humanely.

He said: “We call on those remnants of Boko Haram terrorists to follow suit and renounce the devilish creed. Adequate arrangement has been made to receive all those who voluntarily renounce terrorism and surrender themselves. They will be treated humanely.”

News Corner: Just The News... Picture It In Reading!

1. FFK, Bode George Gun For PDP chairmanship

A former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, will be contesting the position of the national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, should the position be zoned to the South-West, The Punch has learnt.

Fani-Kayode’s Media Adviser, Mr. Jude Ndukwe, told Punch that consultations were still ongoing but did not rule out the possibility of the former minister contesting. He, however, said Fani-Kayode was under pressure to run for the position.

Senior members of the party said the South-West would not accept anything less than the chairmanship position.

Bode George also told Punch that he would be running for chairmanship as well.

2. The governor of Ekiti state, Ayo Fayose has reportedly began his 2019 presidential campaign! A Facebook page named - Fayose for president was opened in his name

3. 322 Lagos Inmates Register For WASSCE

The Controller of Prisons, Lagos State Command, Mr Tunde Ladipo, during a recent interview has revealed that nothing less than 322 inmates in Ikoyi and Kirikiri prisons in Lagos State registered for the West African Senior Secondary Examination in the past three years. Ladipo, said that inmates only sat for WASSCE for private candidates for the ordinary level certificate and that 206 of the inmates were from Ikoyi Prison, while 116 were from the Kirikiri Prison, Apapa.

Word For Today: Blind Faith Gets Open Results!

The reason you get discouraged often times is because you look at what you're praying for often and check it out all the time to see if God has answered you or if the prayer is working; That is not faith. Remember when Jesus cursed the fig tree? He didn't stand there checking it if it was going to die immediately or what will happen after his prayer, he left and the next day he didn't bother to check it out, but his disciple called him to remembrance and told him his prayer was answered and the fig tree has died.

No farmer goes back to the seed he planted to dig it out and check how it is doing underground or to monitor the underground growing process. You need to know that during growth or change there is a shift which often times looks discouraging and that is the reason why you just have to do your thing and leave without checking and monitoring the growth process or how it's doing. Just be sure you gave it your best and don't bother to check it out till people start telling you "Hey you did a great job and hey you made it". This rules I am giving you with some enlightening examples is applicable for everyday life and anything you're doing. I write here and there, but I don't come back to check how many views, how many likes, and how many comments I am getting, And I don't go to others too to check how theirs is doing. I just do my thing and let it speak on my behalf. I drop it and leave and move to the next. You'll be amazed how peaceful, how rewarding, and how fulfilling you will be if you do this. We walk by faith not by sight.

If you're inspired by this my article share to others too, And remember to give credit. God bless you.

Word Of GOD

Is Not Of He That Willeth, Nor Runneth, But Of The LORD That Showeth Mercy.

Is Not By My Power, Nor By My Might, But By The Spirit Of The LORD.

Is The LORD That Giveth The Power To Make Wealth.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Night Post 🔥 3 Solid Reasons Why You Should Say No To Premarital Sex.

We all know sex is fun and sex could be irresistible or rather inevitable when we are with someone we truly have strong chemistry with, Love is not sex but sex is a part of love as far as emotional love is concerned. So, If it is legitimate to feel like having sex when in love; why did I want to give you reasons to say no to it before marriage? Lol. Find out below.

A lot of breakups before marriage are caused by premarital sex. You may not know but the marital delay you're experiencing is as a result of indulging in premarital sex. Have patient let me break it down for you. Lol. Continue reading below.

1. Any sex done before marriage is against God's standard. Once you accept it you sin against God and lower your moral standard. If things go wrong in the relationship you can't blame God because you didn't obey his word in the first place! So it serves you right.... Sorry.

2. When you commit any sin e.g premarital sex you open the door for the devil to come into your life to cause chaos and unwanted delay.

3. Men who their women refuses to have premarital sex with them speedily get married to their women; compared to men who spends many years having premarital sex in their relationships.

Avoiding premarital sex is a Godly practice and also a moral pratice. If you place value on your body you won't give it to a passerby or a theive... Yes I said so lol.... That's what he is until he is officially your husband, he has no right to your body until he is your husband. So, Say No To Premarital Sex.

If this my article has inspired you, Share to inspire others too and remember to give credit, God bless you.


A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

Hi MJ,

I am a graduate and I am working, but it is not a well paid job. I love my girlfriend so much and I intend to propose to her soon, But my salary hardly carry only me to the end of the month and I am still living in my parents house. My girlfriend doesn't feel good about my finiancial situation, But she is hoping things will change. I am afraid that if I propose to her before things change; she will refuse my proposal and say No. I believe we can manage and economize with my small salary. She is not working and she is still an undergraduate of law in the university. Is it wise I go ahead and ask her hand in marriage now? What Should I do?

My Reply- Hold it, Please please! Don't make that woman suffer, you don't have a good job, you are still living with your parents, What's that? You are not man enough now to marry; sorry for my bluntness! Wait till you are finiacially ok before you get married so that you will be able to be the finiancial head of your home. Don't give me that "If she love me she can manage and economize with me" Not everything is manageble, besides she's not studying management and economy Lol, So hold it until you are finiancially ready and capable, Good Luck!

Need an answer to your question? Email me at: MJdborntoshine@Gmail.Com.