Where Am I? I Will Tell You!

God sometimes ask us that question if we can't ask ourselves, But that's another topic for another day. Today I want to tell you "Where I Am".

Curiousity took the better part of me when I went to view my ever increasing subscribers list of those who follow my blog, And from their email addresses I noticed that all the names were foreign names; All foreigners, No single Nigerian or even any part of Africa if I am not mistaken. This brought me to the question "Where Am I?" I didn't recognize my own blog subscription list complied A to Z with foreigners email addresses with foreign names and the numbers of new entry every single day is shocking. How Great Thou Art O LORD. This took me to the Word of GOD that says: So mightily grew the Word Of GOD in Ephesus and prevailed. Amen!

I spent countless years trying to get my people to see the light in me and follow me to no avail, And now here am I getting countless foreign subscribers every blessed day without f…

What’s In Your Hand? By Lisa Bevere

“What is that in your hand?” “A staff” he replied. Exodus 4:2 NIV
God will start with what is in your hand even when it seems menial and insignificant. “What is in your hand, Moses?” This was God’s response to Moses’ ample excuses about why he was not qualified to lead Israel out of slavery to Egypt. The wisdom of the statement God spoke to Moses at the burning bush can still speak to us today. Can you imagine what must have gone through Moses’ mind in that moment? After all, a staff is nothing more than a glorified stick! How was it going to make an impact in Pharaoh’s court? There is nothing extraordinary about a staff. But understand this: the common becomes mighty when God anoints it. Offer unto God what He has placed in your hand. “What is in your hand” means whatever is in your care or control. This could be money, possessions, influence, talents, abilities, and more. What you withhold and retain in your hand reveals what is in your heart. Child of God, release what you hold. Yo…

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The Story Of A Frog

Put a frog into a vessel filled with water and start heating the water. As the temperature of the water begins to rise, the frog adjusts its body temperature accordingly. The frog keeps adjusting its body temperature with the increasing temperature of the water. Just when the water is about to reach boiling point, the frog cannot adjust anymore. At this point the frog decides to jump out. The frog tries to jump but it is unable to do so because it has lost all its strength in adjusting with the rising water temperature. Very soon the frog dies. What killed the frog? Think about it! I know many of us will say the boiling water. But the truth about what killed the frog was its own inability to decide when to jump out. We all need to adjust with people and situations, but we need to be sure when we need to adjust and when we need to move on. There are times when we need to face the situation and take appropriate actions. If we allow people to exploit us physically, emotionally, financial…

The Story Of A Princess

One day a princess from a respectable royal family was told to find a man of her dream within 7days or accept the chosen one for her. The princess was discouraged about the short time given to her but she accepted it. She had various ideas of going in search of her dream man in various ways but later settled for one; Which is to go down on her kneels and ask GOD to send her "A Miracle Husband". Her prayer goes like this: O LORD, I can't do this on my own that's why I have come to you, I believe you alone can do the impossible and there is nothing too hard for you to do. Please LORD do this for me and surprise my people who gave me this impossible task, In JESUS Name Amen... And The LORD heard and answered the princess and gave her "A Miracle Husband" within 7days. All her people who thought she couldn't get any man to marry her within 7days were surprised to see the great man which she brought forth to them.
Moral Lesson: 1. Prayer is the Key, GOD can do…

The Story Of A Prince

Once upon a time, There was a handsome prince who was very arrogant and disrepectful to everyone. He felt so high of himself and secure in his royal position of the great kingdom. He maltreated the palace workers and never thought of the fact that life is like a circle that rotates; It can turn from bad to good or vice versa. There was a certain drummer boy in the palace who he often used as a slave and overused to entertain himself and his numerous guests. Unknown to him the drummer boy was the real son of the King who a certain maid bore him years ago secretly, While he "The Prince" was a child pinned on the king by his adulterous mother the Queen. One day a "Seer" came to the palace after the death of the King, And it was revealed by the "Seer" that the poor drummer boy was the real biological son of the late king, While he "The Prince" was the product of his mother's adultry. The kingship right was taken away from him "The Prince&qu…

Wedding Inspiration - MJB Weddings!!!

Maryjane Blogazine Wedding Inspiration

Wedding reception is a fundamental aspect of planning a wedding. As a matter of fact it is one of the things to look at for first when planning a wedding. You should have your guests in heart and do your best to give them the best reception based on your level and the standard of your wedding. You can go for just one favourite colour or  mixed colours of your choice as seen above. Wedding reception venue should be spacious and properly fixed.

Note: When planning a wedding everything should be significant. Nothing should be chosen or used without meaning and connection to the couple's reality and personality. Wedding should reflect the couple. (For your great wedding planning, Contact: MJdborntoshine@Gmail.Com). Make your wedding TOP.

Here are 3 Fantastic Wedding Reception Decor That May Inspire you!

Candle Light Reception: This is a very romantic reception for a couple that are very romantic and wants their guests to feel the romantic passion…

This Tithing Thing! (Part 2)

Pic (Me) Angel Eze Of Maryjane Blogazine

Let's call a spade a spade. These pastors knows the truth and are just deceiving their guidable members. They tell you if you pay your tithe you will become rich, but they don't tell you the "Longsuffering, patience, and endurance in trials" before the good time. They trickishly don't add "If you continue in doing good *Including tithing* and faint not you will reap in due time". God may decide to let you tithe till the last minute of your life before He opens up the widows of Heaven and overflood you with His blessings... Get it? They make it sound like if you tithe you will get instant wealth... Lol. Abraham was a tither he was blessed by the Grace of prosperity upon his life, Not because he was a tither; As a matter of fact his tithing did not move God to speedily give him the promised child, He waited till his old age. Do not be deceived, serving God and receiving from God requires patience and endurance with…

Word For Today!

Someone here:  In the midst of it all, God is right there with you. The situation is not allowed to kill you but wisen you.

MJB Series: The End Will Tell (Episode 3)

Suspence filled and intriguing series written by my humble self Angel Eze of Maryjane Blogazine.

Maryjane Blogazine Series: The End Will Tell (Episode 3)

Scene 1.

Debbie: (Talking to private investigator) What did you find out?

Private investigator: Ma, I followed him everywhere, And I find out he is very committed to his work and ....

Debbie: Oh shut up, I know that

Private Investigator: I'm still talking ma, You interrupted. I said he is committed to his work and a young lady who he spends his free time with.

Debbie: Do you have her picture?

Private Investigator: Yeah sure. (He gives it to her). Anything else ma?

Debbie: No your job ends here Mr Private Investigator thanks, My thugs will handle the rest.

Private Investigator: Excuse me?

Debbie: Never mind. Here is your balance.


Scene 2.

Debbie: (Visits her thugs) Guys, I got job for you

(Hailings from the guys excitedly) Mama The Mama!!!

Debbie: (Talks to the boss stone) Stone, I want you and your guys to beat this girl up…

Potato Porridge

A Pot Of Potato Porridge

Groundnut Oil

Cook Chicken and fry
Use Chicken water to cook potatoes
Boil tomatoes then fry it, and add it to cooked patatoes on the fire
Add other ingridients and Cook together.

Enjoy your meal.

Fashion Trend - Ankara Print Fabric

Ankara fabric is on high demand now in the international market and even amongst international mainstream designers. Ankara is typically an African mix print and originated from Africa and has expanded to foreign lands. The Ankara prints can be rocked in various ways and styles depending on the wearer's choice. Here are some unique ways to rock the Ankara Print Fabric.

5 Ways To Attract A Strong Black Man By MFW

Given a chance, almost every woman would love to be with an alpha male. His confidence, his protectiveness, his demeanor and his charisma is compelling. But how do you attract an alpha male? Here are a few ways to help you out.

1. Look stunning

This is perhaps one of the most important steps to draw the attention of an alpha male. Men are visual beings and react more to visual stimuli than women. Therefore it is very important that he find you good looking and attractive. Remember, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. Tone your body, buy some sexy clothes and wear a great personality. The more attractive you are, the better are your chances of catching his eye.

2. Let him make the first move

Once you have attracted his attention, wait for him to contact you. Do not make the mistake of contacting him first. Alpha men want to feel like they are in control. Let him call you first, let him offer to take you out, allow him to make the first move. However, keep in mind that you need not…

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Why You Need To Be Grounded In Your Faith!!!

Like you and every other believer I used to snap in and out of joy based on what's up at the moment, If getting the Word of God at the moment I will be overjoyed but immidiately I see the situation still there stirring at me; I snapped out of joy and my faith decreased. I know I love God and I trust his word and abilities, But the situations sometimes scares me though I'd prefer to be God's super-daughter and unshakable by situations; So I felt bad when I didn't lived up to that standard of high-faith till God explained it to me, And I am here to share it with you.

A believer can live in two world: Eternity vs Reality. Spiritual realm vs Physical realm. You better stay glued to eternity where you see and walk by faith in God, Instead of reality where you face the situations of life with fear and doubts. When you go into Eternity you will feel great about God's promises, But when you return back to reality you will become sad and filled with worries. Has any of you…