10 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Hand-Bag!!!

Oh well you may say what? You want to tell us even what to put in our own bags? Of course we know our personal needful belongings should be in there lol, But hold on don't flip this post and read what I have on my list *Winks*

My Gucci Designer's Bag 💖

You can't carry your whole house out lol, but you can carry a lot of things that are needful; Of course it depend on the size of your hand-bag. So, If what I list out is bigger than your bag you can flip to the next. I go with my bag almost everywhere, Some people even call me the bag girl lol.

My Versace Designer's Bag 💖

Here are what you should carry along:

1. A makeup pack

2. A mirror

3. A comb/brush

4. A lipstick/lip gloss

5. A small purse for money

6. Snacks

7. Water

8. Eye Glass

9. Phone

10. Bible

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