3 Astonishing Reasons Why We Should Cry!!!

Yes Cry! Cry! Cry!. If you're like those who see tears as weakness you are not the only one in that department, As a matter of fact that's the reason why most men hardly cry, Strong women like me go through stuffs but hardly cry and that's more destructive than good; because when we eventually let out the emotions piled up inside it comes out explosively. Recently, I found out these astonishing reasons why we should cry; through my own personal experience.

 I said to myself "Why are you not crying? You should cry! holding back the tears is keeping in the hurt" I advised myself and then, I cried and cried and cried, And I felt relieved and better. Wow cry works like magic lol. It is a natural fluid that comes out from us to relief our heavy emotions and express our state of mind, Yet people like me go through brutal situations of life and even heartbreak without a single tears. Not that we are not hurt or emotionless, we just move on with the pain inside of us as if nothing happened but the next thing you know we will explode in an unbelievable way instead of crying it out. Cry! Cry! Cry!

Here are the 3 astonishing reasons why we should cry:

1. Crying Is Detox: You may not know but crying is the best detox to eliminate toxins from your body and purify your system.

2. Crying Is Natural: At birth a baby's cry is most needed because it signifies life; when a baby cry it means the baby is alive. Crying is a natural fluid that should be allowed to come out when stored up inside. When you cry you allow your natural fluid flow from your eyes and it is a natural way to express the fact that you are human with emotions.

3. Crying Is Relief: It relief you of pain, hurt, and eliminates a good amount of bitterness.

Note: Contrary to popular belief, Crying is not weakness. Crying is human. Crying is natural. Crying is emotional. Crying is not feminine. Crying is unisex. As a matter of fact men need to break down and cry out their emotions as well. It breaks my heart to see a man cry, It melts my heart totally, It's definitely one of my weak point because men hardly cry but when they do it is pure 100%. Nevertheless, Women needs to cry too to feel better.

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