Most Curvy Celebrities! (The Curvelicious) *My List*

 Maryjane Blogazine present to you the Most Curvy Celebs!!

Enjoy reading........!!!

10. Beyonce: A moderate weight and curvy body to go with it. Beyonce have a space here on this list though number 10

9. Monica Bellucci: This curvelicious sexy mama can give Africans a run for their life with her super curve. A confirmation that Italians are naturally endowed with curves. As a matter of fact her curvelious body made her known and gave her access into the France film industry and Hollywood; All the way from Italy her curvelicious body took the actress to greater heights.

8. Sofia Loren: Super curvy and super cool mama. A great actress whose curvelicious body took so far in her acting career; from the shores of Italy to America and from Italian film industry to Hollywood.

7. Jennifer Lopez: One of the most famous butt and curves in the world!! JLO got it... She just gets better with time like good wine. Latina baby!

6. Mercy Johnson: She Got it... Lost it... Now re-got it, Lol. Mercy got the hourglass shape that can turn heads anytime and anyday. Curvelicious MercyJ certainly deserve to be on this list.

5. Ebube Nwagbo: This Nigerian born actress have a killer shape that can make heads turn anyday and anywhere!!! Ebube's hour glass curve is a "Killer".

4. Toolz: This curvelicious super sized Hot lady; is big, bold, and beautiful. Her big curves makes men high like they're high on weed, Lol. Just a look at her super curve can make any man hard down there. Toolz effortlessly get men drunk in love with her by just a sight at a curvelicious body, and that  makes most girls envious of her, Lol. Many women want to become a plus size just to have kind of shape or something similar to her natural curves. Toolz shape shows how curvy an African woman can be. She certainly present true African Woman with her curvelicious body.

3. Omotola Jalade Ekiende: This curvy and sexy superstar have a bombastic shape and curves that makes everyone fall in love and trip for her. Omosexy is a great proof that Africa is blessed with curvelicious women.

2. Nikki Minaj: Super curves and sexy bomb. She is hot like fire. Nikki's hour glass curve is absolutely irresistable and cannot pass unobserved.

1. Kim Kardashian: Kimye is the queen of hour glass curve. She is number one on my list. Her shape and curves has done a lot for her and has gotten her world-wide fame and love.

I hope you enjoyed reading my list.

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