Touching Story: A Woman Who Took To The Streets To Beg With Her Triplet.

I felt bad seeing this woman suffer with her triplet in the street after putting to birth. The hospital couldn't help, husband couldn't help, relatives couldn't help. She was forced to take her babies begging on the streets. As seen in the picture below: She spreads some wrappers and lay her triplet on display for passerby and onlookers to admire and favour her with money & alms. I really pity her and this is the type of people my Organization likes helping. (Maryjane Organization For The Poor & Needy).

It's a shame that our Government have no help scheme for situations like this, Whereas in the developed and western countries people like this get helps and aids from the Government to survive and live a dignified life.

Don't only fight corruption, Also fight hungry. The hunger is real. Just negodu....!!

People are suffering, Some are perishing. The situation is alarming, that's why they don't care about the fight against corruption because they are hungry and angry. The hunger is leading people to corruption more and more. Just look at the way these blessings of triplet has turned into a life struggle for this poor woman. Nigeria's economy is in a mess and the masses are terribly affected, I hope something is done quickly to liberate the masses. The presidency need to do something fast before it deteriorate beyond repair. To fight corruption is good and applaudable, But also fight the hunger.

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