Women Are Treasure! Not Trash.

Dear men, Women are God's precious gift to you. Adam was incomplete without Eve, And God said it is not good for a man to be alone that's why he made a waman out of a man. The woman is not your equal but a weaker vessel, So why do you beat and fight her like your equals? Why do you want her to take over your responsibility as a man in your home? Why do you abandon your child/Children for only her to Carter for? Why do you maltreat her? You ought to respect and care for her! You ought to protect and provide for her! You ought to be with her and not abandon her! She was made out of you and you are incomplete without her; That's why she's the bone of your born and flesh of your flesh. Will you hurt yourself? No! So don't hurt her.

A woman is naturally productive and powerful. Ask me why!? 1. You give her a sperm and she turns it into a child/children. 2. You give her little feeding money and she turns it into a delicious meal. 3. You give her love she gives you a greater love.

A woman gave birth to you, Carried you for long 9 months, Laboured in pain and delivered you in pain. Why shouldn't you respect a woman? You should! You ought to.

A woman gives her best when you show her love. Women can be sweet and also bitter; it depends on you, What you sow is what you get. A woman can go an extra mile for the man she loves and can also give the man hell if the man step on her toes.

Are you a player? Shame on you. Women are not waste product and trash to dump after use. If you practice playing games with women and breaking women's heart you are not a real man. A real man knows a woman's worth and takes a woman seriously for keeps, Not to use and dump her like trash.

The closest women to you are the women in your life: Your mother, your woman, your sisters, and your daughters. LOVE! Start by loving and regarding these women in your life.

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