EvansSaga: The Father Of Evans Begs For Forgiveness And He Said Evans Needs Deliverance From TB Joshua.

The father of the notorious kidnap criminal Evans, is begging for forgiveness and he said his son needs deliverance from the prophet of Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) TB Joshua. Thus, the father of the kidnap kingpin Evans, is blaming the devil for his son's atrocities which greed obviously played a huge part LMBO!

Yes the devil may have influenced him but his greed got him hooked for the devil to use. It's hightime people start taking responsibility for their actions and inaction. If you don't make yourself available for the devil to use he can't use you. You opened the door for him to come in and operate through you and in you. Evans is going to jail for life for his atrocities, though some silly Nigerians are pressurizing the authorities to free Evans. He won't be freed he must pay for the crimes he committed. Blood is on his head. Don't you get it? An old man died in his custody under severe torture.

The father of Evans further revealed that he is not in talking terms with him but he wish him well. He also said he built his house when Evans was just 3years old. Meaning? *Flips hair and walk away*. The father sounds like his son. The authorities should interrogate his father too. Like father like son.

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