Health Care: Why You Should Drink Your Urine!!! (All You Need To Know About Urine Therapy).

Ever heard of the word Urine Therapy? O yes it exists and it's very effective and helpful. God empowered the human URINE with the ability to help the human body it came out from.

I know some of you are laughing right now, disgusted right now or even throwing up right now, But hold on. Don't faint, I am serious and I bring this goodnews to you: Your Urine can cure you, Your Urine can rejuvinate you, Your Urine can make you healthy, Your Urine can freshen you, Your Urine can prevent you from falling sick. Your Urine Is Effective and Powerful even when you are sick and no matter what sickness it is; It is 100 percent safe to drink your urine.

Don't ask me if I drink my urine, Lol.  I can't admit or deny it, Lol. If I say I don't drink; you will say it's a lie, Lol. If I say I drink it; They will report it online that I drink urine, Lol. So it is better I talk to you without talking about myself, Lol. Thanks!

Human Urine has been tested and proven to have healing power, rejuvenating power, weight loss power, curative power and many more benefits. (Continue reading below).

Your Urine can make you stay healthy, Live long, And get well if you are sick with any kind of illness and diease, of course if it continues; You Should Be Wise Enough To See Your Doctor!

You should drink a glass cup of your Urine 3-5 times a day, Everyday of your life. It will prevent you from falling sick easily, It will heal you, It will make you look forever young, reduce weight, And it will help your body generally.

Your Urine is always good to drink, Don't mind the taste and smell; you will get used to it. Studies shows that to drink the early morning urine is very helpful, The rest of the day urine too are very effective. Feel free to drink your urine any time of the day and night.

How to make your Urine very powerful and strong: To make that happen you have to be eating a balance diet everyday, and drink a lot of water, fruits, and vegatables.

Other things you can do with your Urine: You can wash your face with your Urine, it takes off pimples and dead cells, it gives a fresh, soft, smooth, and young looking face. You can also bath with your Urine it cures all kinds of skin disease, skin infection, and body odour, It softens, smoothens, and rejuvinate you. I believe it can also cure deadly diseases. (Test and see, And thank me later! Winks. Use It Only After Medics Approval).

Either you are sick or well it is important you drink and wash with your Urine, because if you are sick it will cure you, If you are well it will prevent you from getting sick, It can also be used as a method of reducing weight. Drinking your urine will be one of the best that ever happened to you. Drinking your own urine not someone else's but yours only is on fleek🔥🔥🔥And Your early morning urine is lit 🔥🔥

Note- 1.You can only drink your own Urine, Don't drink anyone's Urine. Don't use anyone's urine even your loveones/family, Friends, Strangers, And relatives. Only your URINE is allowed and safe for you to drink and use. 2, After drinking your Urine go and wash your teeth and mouth properly with tooth paste and brush, And after washing or bathing with your Urine go and take a warm bath with soap. Remember to always wash and rinse your mouth and body parts properly after using and drinking your Urine; To avoid unpleasant Urine Odour.

Drink a lot of water everyday for a healthy urine. Everydayness drink of urine boost the body. My Staff Will Post Some Really Interesting Posts Shortly! Hope you're enjoying my workers? Report to me if not lol. I hope you learnt from reading my article about URINE therapy. Stay tuned and See ya all later.

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