Just For Laughs: Crack Ya Ribs!

A Bus Passenger said Driver I am impressed
The driver com say 'thank you sir.
'We never reach Lokoja wen the man tell
driver again, 'driver
I am impressed.' The driver come thank
the man again.
Before we comot for Lokoja the man
don thunder again say,'driver I am impressed.' 
The driver come say,'thank you
very much sir, I very much appreciate
your compliments.'
The driver begin dey fire the bus dey go
come dey feel like James Bond.
As we reach Okene the man shout
'driver stop this bus, stop
this bus, you mad, you wan kill person?'
As driver stop the bus the man run
comot like Usain Bolt
enter bush.We rush follow the man make we see
wetin dey impress the man.
Before we reach where the man dey we
hear pra pra pratata pro pro!
Na there we come realise say wetin the
man wan tell driver be, 'driver I am pressed'
I take God beg all of una... If the English
hard small, una fit talk am for pidgin.

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