Love Matter: Men You Should Run From 🏃🏃🏃

5 Types Of Men That You Must Not Date!!!

How are y'all doing MJBERS ? I'm doing great thanks to God. Get in here I've got some awesome tips for you and it's absolutely personal lol. Enjoy reading and be inspired. 

Here are the various types of men you should run from. Pick Race 🏃🏃 Hold your shoes in your hands and run like a hawk... Lol. O Yes! You need to do that hawk racing to avoid dating the following:

1. Time Waster: If you are aware the guy dated long or engaged someone for long, and dumped the lady after many years. Why do you want to be his next victim? Run for your life.

2. Womanizer: A man that is a dog will always be a dog. You can't stop him and you can't change him. The only thing you can do is run for your life.

3. Broke-Man: Why do you want to suffer ? At the end of it all, If he becomes rich he may dump you for a new lady to match up with his new level. Run, Run, Run. Broke? No thanks! Sorry, I don't do broke... Lol. No offence to broke guys, Work hard guys! Success will come then come for us... Lol.

4. Liar: Some men lie about everything, e.g: their financial ability, marital status, material assets, e.t.c. Some men's lie can kill a girl's future... Lol. OMG!!! I can't deal.

5. Violent-Man: If you know about his abusive characteristics and his violent past, Do not agree to date him; because you will regret it in future.

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