When you are about to give up, God rises up. He will not allow you to be tested more than you can bear. He doesn't act when you are still doing your thing on your own. Two drivers cannot drive one car at the same time. when the situation is done turning you around; God takes over and turn it around. Your stepping down is God stepping up. Jesus came when Lazarus was already dead and buried 4days, Lazarus was already smelling and all hope  were already lost, And Jesus came and raised him from death. He didn't come when he was sick though He was sent for. Why ? He wanted a greater glory that will shock all the people. God is a God of last moment when all hope is gone and you feel like giving up; He steps in to do a mind-blowing miracle. Remember the fisher men, They toiled all night and caught nothing; But when their hope was lost and they were about to close, Jesus came and made them have a miraculous catch of fishes that they couldn't carry on their own to the extent that their nets broke. Someone here, God is coming through for you right now! He came late because He want to come big. Give somebody a high five and say: My testimony will be greater than my test. You are in for an overnight success and shocking turn around in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Amen Hallelujah!!!

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