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Maryjane Blogazine Commentary

Let's Talk About Naija: Dammy Krane represents 90% of Nigerian Male Musicians. Most Nigerian Secular Male Musicians are guilty of crime: Fraudulent activities, Drug pushing e.t.c. So stop throwing shades only on Dammy Krane. Music doesn't give all that money in Nigeria they all have side business that is not pure. 30 billion in the account? From where? Music? Na lie. Bullion Van to pack money ke? Abeg park one side. They can't count your dollars? You wish!!! All lie lie songs by these so called overhyped musicians in Nigeria singing crap to negatively influence the youths... Living fake lives on the internet to push the youths into impure businesses. Dating only fair girls to influence the females in Nigeria to bleach out their skin. I am so upset with the way these male Nigerian musicians are negatively influencing our Nigerian youths. Since instagram cannot ban their fake photos, Pls Nigeria Government ban some of their songs to teach them lesson. I miss the good Ol days when music are meaningful in Nigeria and not this modern day overhyped crap that you can only dance to but have no positive message. I am out of here.