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Oh dear! Are you for real? Like seriously Nigerians? The Free Evans Hashtag on Twitter is ridiculous and wrong. Stop supporting evil. Suffer no evil to live. Let justice take its due course. If we spear him because of his wife and children's tears that means we have to spare criminals who destroy people's lives and steal people's properties when they justify their action by saying "No Job or Hunger". No crime is excusable. His crimes are punishable under the law and he will not go unpunished. Yes he can be forgiven but not unpunished. Pardon is better served with punishment to teach lesson.

This viral pic of the wife instrumentizing their kids to gain sympathy for his release was so uncalled for, those kids are too young to see their father go through such humiliation and pain for despicable crimes. This may traumatize the kids and disturb them psychologically. The wife is not telling the 100% truth, She sounded manipulative in her narrative tale. She's using her words and her kids to try to save her husband. Too many lope holes in her story that further implicated her knowledge of the crime life of her husband. She said she never knew he was rich yet they have houses in Ghana, travel abroad for Holliday, and he gave her 20million Naira for house and funishing; Hello! That's a rich lifestyle. I advise you to please keep your kids out of this. I believe after serving his jail term he will come back home to you all a changed person.

Please Dear Nigerian Police, Stop beating him. We cannot pay violence with violence. We need him alive to serve his jail term and pay for his crimes. The man has cancer I learned and from the look of things; he knows how to give pains but doesn't know to receive lol. So, Don't allow him to die in your hands o stop beating him since he is confessing and talking bla bla bla like a parrot lol. Nigeria Journalists, most of you need to go back to Uni... You did an aweful job with your weak questions. Bye!

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