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Maryjane Blogazine Commentary

The race is not for the swift. It is not by works but by Grace. Wondering why Linda Ikeji has been holding number one position for long? Her heart is good. God rewards the heart. Someone that can forgive and help an enemy is a goodhearted person and God always reward such with number one position. Ask Joseph that became the ruler of the Egyptians and his household. Yes I want to be number one, but if God do not put me there I wouldn't mind having Linda there. Ever wondered why her smile is so pronounced and evident? That's how big her heart is. I would like to table my sincere apology to her for past rift and offence. Linda, has a good heart. Did you know she supported the release of Kemi Olunloyo with 100K upon all the rubbish Kemi wrote about her in past? Let me not even talk of my support to Kemi while in prison that went unnoticed but God is my reward. Did you know that upon all I wrote ignorantly about Linda in the past; when I went off blogging and came back it was only Linda that approved my comments in her blog to help notify the readers of my return? Thanks Linda and God bless you with a good husband. Yes SDK posted about me by herself in two or three of her blog posts but she did it to defame me and kill my career, She never approved any comment that promoted my blog like Linda did. I have forgiven SDK but truth be told; SDK made blog posts that killed my career but GOD restored it Hallelujah!!!

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