Thursday, June 22, 2017

MJB Commentary!

Maryjane Blogazine Commentary

Tonto, how low can you go my friend? Remember the internet never forgets, And your son will grow up to read all this shit about you and his dad in future. How can love turn into hate in such an aweful way? Are you sure you guys has ever loved each other? This show of shame has to stop please! Haba, How can you claim that "Churchill touches her mother inappropriately as in sexually" how low can you really descend my friend? Rooting for you but you're seriously playing dirty now and too dirty for my liken.

You added that you paid your own bride price... Wow what a shame! And even if you did can't you shelter that piece of very private information in your heart and keep it on the down low so that nobody would know. Why do you feel the need to tell us how low you stoop to desperately catch a husband and bear a Mrs. Please this your marital sage is an eye sore now.

Be careful with these people and leave them alone before they go spiritual on you to take you off and claim King, You said it yourself that your mother-inlaw and Churchill are diabolical... Only God knows if it's true, because you are filled with endless lies to play the victim, Do you even know the meaning of being a victim? Check it up because you are not one. You singlehandedly went into the marriage with your two naked eyes. Remember, you were telling us how rich and Godly he was those days? Now he"s suddenly a demon huh? And you made him rich huh? Have you made yourself? Lol. Yes you are a star, but learn how to act like a diva (Ask Genevieve for some tips). INI got divorce too and respected herself, even when her ex husband granted me an interview back then, She never said a word (Ask Ini how she did it). You lack class my friend (Come to me for some tips) Lol. Let me come and be going before her fans will pounce on me for my opinion 😀