Saturday, June 24, 2017

MJB Commentary!

Maryjane Blogazine Commentary

TontoSaga: It's Tonto Again... Tonto Dikeh Talks About
Churchill Again In New Interview!!! (My Take).

The new interview relvoves around Churchill again, and the whole scenery just look similar to the former. She demonized him again and victimized herself as usual. I'm not gonna waste my megabit on downloading the video...Lol. I love Tonto I just detest the dragging of this outdated saga, this is too much and so classless of her. In the new interview she repeated the same old story of How she loved Churchill, How she wanted the marriage to work, Domestic violence, and many more lies lol 😁 Hey Churchill didn't pay me a dime I'm just fed up with Tonto's immaturity of continuous blabbing. If you still want to watch the interview go to YouTube or hit other sites lol... I'm done with this TontoSaga! It's middle year and we are still on it? No! Smh. I need some fresh hot topics lol 😂 Who else is in the same boat with me? Follow me!

Stop talking Tontolet... Shut up already! I can't deal... Somebody get me a sellotape to put on her big mouth lol. If una no wan marry again make una shut up nah. No be by force to marry, Una no wan marry again we don hear! Can you pls move on now and let's change topic! Enough already! This is too much #faint