Wednesday, June 21, 2017

MJB Commentary!

Maryjane Blogazine Commentary

What really went wrong? My take!

It all started when Tonto lost her cool and disrespected her mother-inlaw which is totally wrong. Churchill fled to Ghana instead of manning up to the situation and stick around to help her get help for anger management and deliverance. Churchill further worsen the matter when he wasn't picking her calls and that was bad of Churchill. Silence is a killer of relationship not distance. Tonto was unable to bear his silence and made a wrong move by running to a blogger by the initial "S"  to falsely accuse him of a very strong topic "Domestic Violence". The medium of "S" whom Tonto chose whipped the matter into worst state. "S" is very crazy about exclusive like that irrespective of if it's false or true because it will boost her readership. So, Salt & Maggi was added by Tonto & S to put out the exaggerated exclusive on "S" blog... And so Churchill's image was damaged and defamed on "S" blog just as mine was in the past for other reasons but God saved me Hallelujah!!! To cut the long story short, The marriage was having problems like every marriage, But the media killed the marriage completely and "S" medium takes the bigger blame. Sometimes I wonder if "S" medium major in destroying marriages and defaming people. Tonto, please next time run to God, not the media.