MJB Giveaway!!!

Maryjane Blogazine Giveaway!!!

Yeah!!! You have to crack your head for these money.... Lol. Because it's no bribery for you to read my blog, But to help and support you. You must get all the questions right to win the surprise cash prizes. If you get a reply from me you've won, If not try next time.... Thanks!!

MJB Weekly Giveaway:

Requirements to win: Just get these questions right.

1. Who is my favourite blogger? (I said it here in the past)

2. What year did I start blogging? (My day one readers should know this)

3. What were the former names of my blog? (They were upto three, If you've been my reader from day one you should know)

Win Now!!! Hurry it could be you.... Yes you!!! Why not??
Contact me via "MJdborntoshine@Gmail.Com" with the right answers and your account details to get a surprise cash gift.

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