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Hello Maryjane,

I had a quarrel with my girl for almost 3weeks now, And she hasn't called nor write me which is very unlike her. Could she be over me or seeing another? I tried calling her two weeks ago but she shouted and shut me down before hanging up on me. Actually I am at fault and I am regretting my action. I treated her so bad in words and in deeds: I verbally and physically abused her, I beat her up and sent her out of my life unapologetically. I even gave her the silent treatment when she tried so hard to reach out to me. Now I've regained my senses and I've realized I pushed her too hard and I have lost her. I need her,  I miss her, And I love her, But it's like it's too late to get her back. I'm in fear and panic that I have lost her forever each day that passes by without her call or message. Please advise me on what to do. How do I get her back?

My Reply: You went too far and now there is no assurance you can get her back. The only advise I have for you is "TRY & APOLOGIZE TO HER". If she's good hearted she will give you one last chance to prove your love and rectify your mistakes. Goodluck!

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