A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

Dear Maryjane,

We aren very happy couple sometimes, But most times we fight and quarrel over anything and everything. Especially over jealousy and insinuations of unfaithfulness from both sides. Could this be true love? I don't get it. Friends says it's normal to disagree and quarrel over jealous issues when there is true love. We are both too jealous and possessive. Can this work? What's your take on this?

My Reply - Two different individuals from different background cannot always agree on everything, But both can find a meeting point of agreement through mutual understanding. If he is jealous reduce yours. Work on the jealousy now before it ruin your marriage. Don't give him reason that will provoke his jealous nature. It's normal to disagree once in a while, and not always. I hope you guys doesn't get violent. I believe what's lacking in your marriage is trust, Build up trust in your marriage. Go for marriage counselling. Love cannot be sweet without trust, So please learn to trust each other.

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