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Hello Maryjane,

I am a lady of about 27 of age, I've been in and out of relationships with men and had series of heartbreaks. Recently, I discovered my desire for women, I mean to get closely intimate with a woman. I hate men now, I rather be with a woman than a man. I have a female partner already, but we are having problem coming out openly. I am a Christain, And I just want to know if homosexuallity is really Biblically a sin and why do people consider it a taboo. A lot of people say it is a sin but have not been able to show me where it is in the Bible, Can you?

My Reply: Yes I Can. Here is it: Leviticus 18 vs 22 - Do not have sexual intercourse or pratice homosexuality with a male as with a female (or with a female as with a male), It is a detestable sin/ it is an abomination - Says The Word Of GOD in Leviticus 18 vs 22. Now, I will advise you go to GOD for deliverance, and to a professional psychologist (We have a psychologist willing to help here in this blog). Homosexuality is an illness based on two foundamental problems: 1. Spiritual: Go to GOD for deliverance, 2. Psychological: Caused by heartbreaks, disappointment, rejection, or hard childhood; that's where a psychological help comes in. But GOD is more important and most effective, Because the homosexual problem is more spiritual, And GOD can fix it, heal you, Deliver you! And Give you a brand new life.

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