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Dear Maryjane,

I am so depressed and confused. My wife of 21 years have 5 children for me and none of them is mine. I discovered this earlier this month when one of them fell ill and a blood test was carried out to see if it match with the child that needed blood, To the shock of my life my wife objected and said No to my offer to donate my blood, I later went back to do the test and the result came out that I am not the father of the child, I went ahead and carried out a test on them all, And I found out that none is mine. My elder son 14, my eldest daughter 12, My 3rd child 10, My 4th Child 8, And the sick last child 5. After more test, I discoverd that I have a rare health issue that comes with the inability to impregnate, procreate, and have children. I am finished. What should I do?

My Reply- You are not finished. See it as a blessing in disguise, Even though what your wife did was obviously wrong. You've fathered those children for long, They are your children. Listern sir, Not only biological children are one's children but also the children you cared for from infancy are yours too. Be wise and good, Take them as your own children, It's for their good to continue to have you as a father figue in their lives. Don't traumatize them for the wrong of your wife. It's also for your own good to father them; Because like you said you can't have yours biologically. Last but not the least; Don't tell the kids it may affect them psychologically and emotionally.

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