New Report - Tonto Allegedly Purged Out Of Nollywood. Is Tonto Banned From Nollywood ?

If the new report reaching my blog desk is anything to go by, then Tonto Dikeh is placed on some sort of unnamed prohibition and unlabeled ban which is not official but existent. She hasn't been getting job since she spread her voice within her inner circle that she's ready to return to Nollywood. The controversial actress maybe experiencing some sort of difficulty returning back to her industry for offending a lot of people; Precisely the host of Nollywood, the high and mighty in the industry and some A-listers.

Churchill even gave a snippet of this revelation in his recent interview with LIB. If the new report reaching me now is anything to go by, then it corresponds to Churchill's snippet of it, And I'm afraid Tonto may indeed be experiencing difficulty returning back to her industry.

Please Nollywood people that Tonto Dikeh offended, Kindly forgive her and take her back for her son's sake. Tonto, beg them oh... I hope to see you soon in the movies. Tonto may be a lot things that are not impressive, But she is absolutely a good actress.


Tonto, is currently in talks with few of the industry people she has settled with and never quarreled with to land herself a grand role for her return I learnt. Meanwhile, she is blaming and forgiving herself for settling for less than she deserves in her new post. *Cough* I can remember your interview where you said Churchill spends on you unlike your exs that you were spending on... So dear, which version is the truth? Lol Tonto and her many lies... I raise yansh for you ooo lol.

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