Prayer Point

My Father, My God... Whatsoever and Whosoever and Wheresoever my blessings & money are, Locate it and release it unto me fully and speedily in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Hallelujah!!! May anyone & anything holding my blessings & money be consumed by your Holyghost fire to release it all unto me right now without delay in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Amen Hallelujah!!! O LORD Destroy utterly every evil against me in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Hallelujah!!! I decree and declare that I am greatly blessed, I am not a burden, I am a blessing. I am a giver and not a begger. I am a lender and not a borrower. I am head and not tail. I am first and not last. I am in front and not back. I am number one. I am highly favoured. I am greatly honoured. I am above only. God is with me. In Jesus Mighty Name Amen. Thank You LORD For Everything!!!

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