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When The Queen Of Queens (MJ) Is Talking You Listen... Lol.

There is a particular blog that's among my favourite but it's so difficult to upload because of excessive ads. Pls since you are now super rich can you stop accepting all the ads that comes your way like I do "Only go for the best" be selective not excessive. The excessive ads are making the blog too difficult to upload and many of us don't read it as often as we used to anymore. This problem has been on ground for long and I don't even know why I'm talking about it now, maybe this is when God wants me to address it. Where are we packing all the money to? What we should be more concerned of is what's best not excessiveness. Take note, Ponder, And do something ASAP. Let others chop too, I recommend other blogs when I can't accept a promo, do the same too to make your blog easy to upload and accessible, And to help others too. What a world some have too much and some have none inspite of their labour. That's why I'm glad I'm operating with Divine Favour not labour Hallelujah!!!

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