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When The King Of The Hood (MARYJANE) Speaks... Listen!

Posting about God should come from the inside and not a show off to persuade people or trick people into believing you're what you are not. You are calling God's wrath on you by being deceitful. You hate your neighbors! You are enemies of progress! You're unforgiving! Bitter, and do despicable things behind closed doors; then come out there to post about God to sound good and religious? God cannot be mocked, for whatsoever a man sow that shall he also reap. You're in no way better than those that doesn't post about God; because at least they are real and one day God will touch and use them. Stop deceiving people and portraying yourself as what you're not. Service to God comes from within and ought not to be a showoff. I am the first blogger that started posting about God, I am glad a lot of you joined me, but my anger is majority of you are doing it as show off. Christianity is a lifestyle, not a showoff. Christian means Christ-Like, Not showoff. Repent y'all.

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