Shade Corner: Bob Risky You Need A Brain Surgery, Not A Yansh Surgery ( I Say So )

Self acclaimed king of snapchat, Bob Risky, has already finalized plans to get a bum job. What does he need it for? I thought he said he is a cross-dresser and not transgender. Guys, there are differences between cross-dresser who dresses like the opposite sex but have no intention of surgically transforming into the opposite sex as in the case of a transgender. I have every reason to believe that Bob Risky is fooling Nigerians!!! The authorities should look very well into his case and make him pay according to the Nigerian law against gays. Bob is not only a cross-dresser, or transgender, He is gay. The law is equal for all, So his celebrity status shouldn't spare him. Jail him already we can't be fooled forever. Nigeria is not a place to practice that abominable act of Homosexuality and covering it up as cross-dressing. A cross-dresser does not need any surgery to have any feminine features. A cross-dresser only dresses like the opposite sex. That said, I will like to conclude with the Word Of GOD that says Obey the laws of the land.

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