Shade Corner: Churchill Indirectly Shading Tonto Over Her Father's Day Dress Up.

Many of you are criticising me over pouring accolades on Tonto in the post below and I understand you but thanks to those that understood me. I wasn't saying what she did was right but the prank was funny. She's amazing anyway because she knows how to pull a stunt to draw our attention to her and get all of us talking about her. In entertainment every publicity is good publicity they say...Lol. Don't forget she is a celebrity and this is great for her business. To cut the long story short, Read what Churchill said about her dressing like a man to represent him in their son's life on father's day. He is right but he is not a saint either. (These two are stylishly still in love lol) They can't stop talking about each other... Lol.

Churchill wrote:

It’s cruel and it’s unfair!

You are lying to yourself because you seek comfort. Well comfort is overrated. You are lying to yourself because you are scared of the unknown. But you must stop. To continue lying will eat away at your soul, causing you untold amounts of future pain.

A lie is something that you make yourself believe in order to make life a little easier. A lie is a paradigm under which you operate to avoid pain. A lie will destroy you, inside and out. A lie is something you want to believe because to consider the opposite would hurt your ego.

Sometimes the difference between a lie and the truth can be subtle. Sometimes your brain will try to “logically” trick you into believing a lie. I cannot give you a definitive guide on how to differentiate between the two; I am not you and I do not understand your specific circumstances, motivations, and desires. I can, however, give you some tips to guide you to make decisions that will serve you well.
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