Shade Corner: Daddy Freeze' Commentary On Hallelujah Challenge Is Jealousy!!! ( I Say So ).

Oh shut it Daddy Freeze! You're jealous that Nathaniel Bassey is on BBC and you are not. You're jealous his post went extremely viral than yours. Stop talking nonsense. Rubbish! Do you really need to post this trashy placard about someone's positive work? What challenge have you ever pushed to light successfully like this? All you talk is trash and hate. Enter house old man and stop constituting nuisance online. Long hissssee. I'm not expecting your lousy reply by the way, I just want to defend that "Positive Somebody" Nathaniel Bassey who started this positive thing that got Naija celebs into God like never before.

Just look at what Daddy Freeze posted... Is this Daddy Freeze alright? Must he he give his silly opinion all the time?  SMH. Just Negodu...
He said: All you lot inviting me to watch Hallelujah Challenge, thanks but I'd rather watch Evans go free than waste my data.

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