Shade Corner: Phyno Blasts The Heck Out Of Hushpuppi - Real Wealth Ain't Loud.

I said that before in my previous post about Hushpuppi that real billionaires like Aliko Dagote, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and co doesn't make noise nor flaunt their wealth. You can take the boy out of poverty but you can't take the poverty out of the boy is the case of Hushppupi. He is still thinking poor by showing off his wealth. That poverty mentality he had during his days in ajegule is still speaking volumes through his showoff; he need to work on that and get classy with a brand new mentality.

Hushpuppi, self-acclaimed billionaire socialite and instagram Malaysian based Nigerian big boy, slammed raper Phyno and Ice prince for daring to pose with fake wristwatches yet having the guts to still go online and complain about their works being pirated.

Phyno has responded to the diss and yes it is da bomb, lol. Chop knuckle Phyno. Read his replies below:

1. We are not the same, you live for Gucci, I live and die for my people

2. Everybody can't be loud like you, Real Wealth Ain't Loud

3. Show your followers something different from being in stores (salesman hushpuppi) and your rented jet, you ain't worth a topic.

4. I've got cribs, live in my own houses, bought my mom a car and built a house for her but I've never posted it.

Phyno said to the instagram big boy Hushpuppi. Well served. Phyno nailed it. He took the words outta my mouth lol.

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