Shade Corner: Uche Maduagwu vs Dencia

Dencia shared her thoughts about the Biafrans and Uche Maduagwu attacked her saying: You talk like a clown, Who are you to advice Biafra and Igbo people?

Lol Is Uche still alive walking freely? I thought he'd be in jail cooling off by now. He's a lousy talkative and troublemaker constituting nuisance online. Can't someone share her thoughts again without being attacked by Uche? Hmm na wah oh. Abeg what film has he acted? I think he'd be a better blogger than an actor lol. Uche come and work for me here on MJB 😁. At least I can tame you to be a better writer and put your talent in a better use. By the way, he can sing, maybe he should try that and stop blabbing online. Read their Conversation below!

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