Stunt Or Reality? Uche Has Yanked Off Her Spousal Surname From Her Social Accounts. Is Uche Jombo Still Married?

Nollywood A-list Actress, Uche Jombo, maybe facing marital crises. The actress who everyone thinks will make her marriage last for marrying late has yanked off her husband's name from her instagram and twitter pages. How do we know a star is having a marital crises? The first sign is what she just did. Pulling off spousal name is the first signal celebrities give to notify their fans and the public of possible crises in their marriage or divorce. As of the time of posting this all effort to confirm this new development from the horse's mouth proved abortive. Just hope all is well with her marriage for the sake for their cute son. Please don't breakup I like the combo of milk and chocolate Ringo!!!

The delectable actress no longer bear her husband’s name and has officially yanked it off her instagram page. Uche shortly after her wedding included his name on her social media platforms, but it seems all that is gone now.She now simply has her father’s name- Jombo as her only other name on her Instagram page. Just hope everything is okay.

However, that didn’t stop Uche from wishing the father of her son a happy father’s day. Oh no Uche don't join the leauge of divorcee/single mom/baby mama it's becoming a cliché and a bad one at that.

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