Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Update: Actress Uche Jombo's Reply To MJB Report

Earlier today, I reported that I noticed actress Uche Jombo removed her husband's name from her Instagram account, and I asked her if all is well.

Well, the actress has reacted to that report, saying she just want to take her family off Social media! (Glory be to God) That hasn't answered the question lol why the sudden change? Uche Uche! Lol.

She wrote:

Good morning ujlovers. ...
Been on it for a while through my posts but officially taking my family off social media from today..please respect that! Thanks for understanding💖 stop with the evil insinuations.

Quote Of The Day!

Don't Forget, You Can: Start late, Start over, Be unsure & uncertain, Look different, Act different, Try and fail, And still succeed...