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1. Fashion Tip: Yellow is usually a rare colour in the society and that's because not many people know how to match it up with other colours. Here is a nice combination of how to rock a yellow with other colour. This pic illustrates how to rock yellow and blue together.

2. Fashion Arrest: This is one jean you shouldn't be caught dead rocking. Yeah ripped jean is stylish and fashionable but it depend on the extent its been ripped. This for example rocked by Kourtney Kardashion is a no no, because it was extremely ripped. You're are not mad why should be seen rocking that out. Just a piece of torn rag lol.

3. Anakara Fashion: Ankara can be rocked anywhere and everywhere, even on the red carpet. Fashion is not about the cost but about the style. Here is singer Michelle Williams rocking and slaying in Anakara print on red carpet. Ankara fabric may not be expensive but it is highly fashionable and recommendable.

Fashion Inspiration: As you can see yellow is dominant on today's fashion corner post. Why not try out a yellow outfit that you've never dared before. Yellow is a positive colour it signifies the sun and happiness, And can stimulate positive vibes in you. You are who you wear. See you on the next fashion corner post. Cheers fashion lovers!

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