Foodie Talk: Chicken Vegetable Sauce.

Be mindful of your health, For the thing you eat and drink determines the kind of health you have. That said, Always include a lot of fruits and vegatables in your menu and diet.

Food Recipe Of The Day: Chicken Vegatable Sauce.


1.  Chicken

2. Green Vegatables

3. Hot Chilli

4. Tomatoes

5. Onions

6. Oil- E.g Groundnut Oil, Or Olive Oil, Or Palm Oil

7. Maggi, Curry, Salt


1. Boil The Chicken with the spices, salt, maggi, curry, hot chilli, onions

2. Prepare a vegatable sauce with the spicy chicken water

3. Fry chicken if you want, But cooked chicken is healthier.

4. Cook white basmati rice, or perfume rice, or other type of rice to serve with it

5. Personalize your vegatable sauce by making it your way. Get creative, I have given you the inspiration *Winks*.

Enjoy your meal (English)
Bon Appetit (French)
Buena Comida (Spanish)
Buon Appetito (Italian)
eet smakelijk (Dutch)