'He’s A Great Guy, We Are Just Not Great People For Each Other' - Toke Makinwa Speaks On Failed Marriage (LOL).

Haha! Common now, Toke you finished the guy in your book just to make a few millions. After painting him red and making him look like a monster in human flesh... Now you're saying his a great guy? Lol that's damage control girl... Medicine after death! Lol.

Controversial media personality and writer, Toke Makinwa was in South Africa few days ago to promote her book, 'On Becoming' where she was interviewed on ‘Real Talk With Anele’.

 In the interview, Toke briefly spoke about her 18-month marriage with Maje Ayida saying,

'I have no regrets because I feel like everything happened the way it was supposed to happen for me to get to where I am now because if I did not get married, perhaps I’d be that girl who will always wonder what it felt like to be married to him. He’s a great guy, we’re just not great people for each other'.

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