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1. Donald Trump's political career was birthed of a conspiracy theory: The much-debunked idea that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. Trump, beginning around 2011, seized on the issue -- which had been percolating in the fever swamps on the far right since Obama won -- and used it to cast himself as the lone voice among conservatives willing to stand up to Obama (and political correctness). That the whole thing was, wait for it, a totally false conspiracy theory was beside the point for Trump. It proved useful to him, so he used it.

2.  Seventy percent of independents share the same view.
Trump was criticized Sunday for tweeting a 28-second video of a past WWE broadcast, which was edited to show Trump beating up a man with a CNN logo on his face.
A short time later, the official @POTUS account retweeted Trump's tweet to its 19 million followers, making it one of the President's most-shared and most-retweeted posts ever.
Only 6% of Americans believe the overall tone has improved in Washington since Trump was elected, according to the poll, which was conducted before Trump's WWE tweet. Twenty percent of those polled said civility is the same as it was prior to Trump's election.

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