What a merciful God, how amazingly long He gives people time to change and repent. They keep blowing it up till the last chance. God gives the chance of repentance to the extent that when God back off and the person comes back to his/her senses it will become a regret for the person. God knows the person is stubborn and rebellious before giving the person so many chances to change, but God want to teach the person a life lesson through the end regret for the wrong choice of not taking the chance to change. God is a God of purpose, He can wait extremely patiently for long and give so many chances to the person to change till the end in order to prove His point. When you've blown up all your chances at the end you will regret. Someone here, God had given you too much chances to change, But you made the wrong chioce to blow up all the chances, Now you will regret it forever. Who is this for? I love God and His ways are amazingπŸ‘ Hallelujah!!!

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