Wednesday, July 12, 2017

MJB Commentary!

Maryjane Blogazine Commentary!

My Take On Funke Akindele Having A Joint Account With Hubby JJC SKills.

Make una help me cry for Funke ooohhh. Let's cry in advance of the financial war of words that may surface in future between her and hubby JJC Skills if they separate. We all know celebrity marriages doesn't last, It can only last through prayer and wisdom which seems Funke is not using both in this marriage; as her hubby has revealed that him and Funke shares the same bank account. No wonder the man is always singing her praise and adding maggi and salt to the compliments depicting her as an angel 😁 If his cash was bigger he wouldn't have agreed to a joint-account o. Of course Funke is richer and a huge part of him married Funke because of the money and fame. How foolish can a woman be because of penis and marriage at all cost? Ewwhhhh SMH. Funke receive sense in JESUS Name! I know this is too blunt but it's the truth. Truth is bitter, But truth is better. I'm no asslicker, I tell the bitter truth. If you can't handle it deal with yourself not me. Time will tell and prove me right as usual.

Peace & Love!
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