Sunday, July 16, 2017

MJB Commentary!

Maryjane Blogazine Commentary

Rosy Meurer, Pepper them! Congrats on the IV and participation of the 2017 AAMA. You slaughtered the event Miss SLAYQueen!. Now, Lemme throw some shades lol. Tonto, Rosy was invited and you were not? How far? 😂 Still love you though. I had hunger has driven you back into the movie industry, because you are in Nigeria were the law doesn't favour divorcee and babymamas, So no meal-ticket and half of Churchill's property for you NNE. And girl you have to hustle up to keep up with your celebrity status lol I understand pele glad you chose to work with your talent instead of your body 💖 By the way, Congrats on hitting 2million instagram followers.

Dear AAMA, How do you select these celebs? Do you go by scandal? Cinema movies? Or Fashion? I notice you snob certain celebs that are not fashionistas and that doesn't do cinema movies lol. Why was Tonto not invited by the way? She can't dress to kill the red carpet I guess. T come make I be your personal styler ok LOL 😂

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