Thursday, July 6, 2017

MJB Commentary!

Maryjane Blogazine Commentary

These were the girls that fought dirty at a night club in Lagos, The goodnews is they've settled and that's why I'm even posting this. I didn't post about their fight because I was disappointed and disgusted by their public show of shame fighting themselves at a night club. My main commentary here is what no one dared to talk about, Which is: What were these 3 old layers doing at a night club at their age? Shouldn't they be in their husband houses by that time of the night? Oops they are still chopping life so I assume they are not married right? I see, But the 3 girls, sorry 3 ladies, No sorry these 3 women I'm seeing here can born me.. Abeg make una help me tell them say at their age they should be in their husband house and not in night club disgracing themselves. My advise to you 3 hens is settle down and act as classy as you claim to be. Class cannot be bought but it can be learnt. Peace & Love!