MJB Series: Love Addict (Season 1)

Maryjane Blogazine Series

Love Addict (Season 1)

Scene 1
(In Diamond's Car)

Annie: I will be coming to spend the night at your place tonight

Diamond: No baby, I need an "Alone Time" to work on a project tonight. Besides, You need to learn how to stay alone sometimes; My friends are complaining that they hardly see me since I started dating you.

Annie: What do you mean by that? Are you choosing your friends over me?

Diamond: No I'm not. That's not what I mean, but please I would I appreciate it if you give me breathing space sometimes.

Annie: Whatever...

Scene 2
(Diamond in his house with sandra)

Diamond: (Kissing Sandra) I don't do street girls but with you it's different. This is the second time I am picking you up for sex and I feel a connection; I really like you and I am afraid it might turn into love.

Sandra: Love is a beautiful thing, but I don't think you can fall in love with me; considering the fact that you met me where I hustle with my body

Annie: (Walks in and interrupt) What's going on here?

Diamond: What are you doing here? I told you not to come here tonight

Annie: (Crying) Is that what you have to say to me? What have I done to deserve this? (Sobs)

Scene 3
(Annie's Residence)

Annie (Still Crying)

Caroline: (Consoling Annie) It's ok, Stop crying he is not worth your tears.

Annie: I love him, I love him (Sobs)

Scene 4
(Diamond's Office)

Annie: Dia, I am so sorry for showing up at your place the other day uninvited. Please forgive me, it won't happen again.

Diamond: Why are you apologizing? I should be the one apologizing. Why are you so cheap?

Annie: I'm not cheap Dia, I love you

Diamond: Why did it take you 2days to seek our reconciliation?

Annie: I wanted it to come from you but...

Diamond: (Interupt) It's ok, I am sorry. I love you but I just can't be with only one woman. If you love me you should accept my flaws

Annie: (Sighs) hmm, it's hard but I will for the love I have for you, but please try and make effort to change

Diamond: I will, I promise.

Scene 5
(At the supermarket)

Diamond: (Walk up to Caroline) Hello lady, your face look familia. I am diamond, and you?

Caroline: I know you

Diamond: Wow you do?

Caroline: You're Diamond the notorious womanizer and the boyfriend of...

Diamond: (Interrupts) You are mistaking me for someone else

Caroline: You don't know me because you don't follow your girlfriends home and you don't care about meeting their friends and relations, But trust me I know you very well and you are presently dating my...

Diamond: What? I am single, there is a mix-up somewhere; I don't have any girlfriend presently. Believe me, I am serious. By the way, nice look

Caroline: Thanks and bye player

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