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Hi Maryjane,

I was so in love with her when we started dating, then I fell out of love and messed up. Now I am back in love with just her, But her behaviour is totally different now; She's not the girl I used to know. She used to be more in love with me, But now I am either more in love or the only one in love. I don't think she still love me after all I did to her. I don't understand her anymore, I can't tell for sure if she love me or not. I'm even suspecting she is seeing another man. I want to convince her with my actions that I am the best for her and make her leave anyone she is involved with. I am ready to make us work now. I am so much in love with her now and I believe this time is forever. What do I do to make her fall in love with me again? I know messed up but I am ready now to love her rightly and correct all my mistakes.

My Reply: Hmmm!! Try harder. I don't think you've done anything convincing yet that can erase that bad past memory she have of you. So, try harder to convince her that you are a changed person, you are sorry for the past, and you truly love just her and no one else. Till then keep bearing her attitude and endure the results of the seed you sowed. I guess she must had tolerated you a lot before it got to this stage. Now it's your turn to bear, tolerate, endure, and sacrifice for your relationship to work and last forever.

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