A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

Hello Maryjane,

I am just few months in a very serious relationship that may lead to marriage. He is so head over heels in love with me, And I love him so much. He rock my world, And lighten my life, But I feel bad in my heart because he is married and I am a Christain. We attend the same Church, And I feel so bad we are sinning against GOD.

My Reply- If you are truly a Christian you can do better than that. I believe you are a Christain; because you feel bad about your sin. I am not going to condemn you for your sin, because everyone fall into various sins and temptations, But the important thing is rising up and stop sinning. The Word Of GOD says; he that is without sin should first cast a stone, And The Word Of GOD also says; The Righteous May Fall Seven Times, And Will Also Rise up 7 times. You have failed GOD, You have fallen; Now Stop, Rise, Go and sin no more.

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