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Hi Maryjane,

I found out I have STD; sexually transmited disease. I only sleep with my husband. I don't cheat and I don't mess around at all. So I knew immidiately that he gave it to me, I confronted him with the test result and he is denying it. He is acting like he don't know what I am saying, I insisted he must follow me to the hospital for test and checkup if he have no secret, He refused. I am so sad and mad at him for everything. I am even considering divorcing him, but my heart won't let me. Please I need your advise.

My Reply - There is no need fighting over this issue. That's how most men are, He will never agree to cheating on you even in front of strong evidence/proof; Even if you catch him face to face and red handed he will tell you honey it's not what you think. So forget about the harsh confrontations. Just go for a calm and cool-headed dialogue conversation, And tell him; I've got this problem and I believe you have it too, please let's go and see the doctor together for a medical solution. Lay aside the blame, don't put blame on him even if he is at fault. Talk to him heart to heart; You will see that hard man melt into a soft loaf of bread "literally".

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