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GOD has made (Maryjane) The King & Queen Of Everywhere He Sent Her, So Therefore Her Words & Action Carry Power. Like Me Or Not I Am Ruling!!! 👑

Laughing in all the languages in the world hahahehehohohuhuhihi like seriously? Blog is now getting off the internet and going to the streets? Who knows if it's also doing evil night meetings too? When they started meeting live I liked the idea at first till I came to my senses and I'm here to wake you up. Recieve sense in Jesus Name. How can a blog be hosting meetings here and there? LMBO! Who doesn't have blog visitors in the abroad or in Nigeria? Lol. All in the bid of mocking other bloggers you are just fooling yourself ma. I love you but your showoff is ridiculous better come up with something authentic and pure. When blog leaves the sphere it belongs online and takes to the streets in meetings like clubs I'm afraid it gets suspicious. I'm beginning to wonder if you guys holds night meetings too Lol as in the witch world, marine world, and other evil worlds LOL because anytime I write the blunt truth or something provocative I notice a live bird from nowhere fighting to come attack me through the widow. Who could that be? Ya all better stay clear from me or I will expose you. You better dissolve those suspicious meetings oh. Blog is for online, Not street meetings and evil world meetings. Na una know sha, So far make una no near me for the gang up wey una dey do. The Word Of GOD says surely they will gather but because not by GOD, all those that gather against me will fall for my sake. You guys have taken the night meetings to the physical world to be able to initiate more people and innocent souls right? Be alerted people!!! If you are not yet evil possessed and you join them in those meetings and become possessed and start flying or swimming in the night na you sabi. A word is enough for the wise. I'm out of here.  Peace & Love!

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