Relocating!!! (From LODEBAR To The PALACE).

Hello sweeties, The Lord is so good. Read this my article and be motivated.

In the Bible Lodebar is the land where forgotten people were. Lodebar was the land where Mephiboseth son of Johnathan the best friend of king David was. Mephiboseth was the lame grandson of ex king Saul; That makes Mephiboseth an ex Prince forgotten in the land of forgotten people because he was lame in both legs.

Today I am here to minister to you as The LORD leads me. I can see some Mephiboseth in here, Those of you that your situations and circumstances of life has placed where you are not supposed to be like Mephiboseth in the Bible; you are supposed to be living in the palace or in the best place of life and getting the best of life, But your condition has placed you in the lowest parts of life,You are living a lowlife when you are supposed to be living a highlife. Like Mephiboseth lived in Lodebar the land of forgotten people; You too are forgotten by people and loved ones, you are considered as nobody and at such thrown out from dinning and mingling with the high and mighty, But today, I bring goodnews to you from the LORD: You shall be remembered, you shall be sent for, you shall be favoured, You shall regain your rightful place and position, And you shall possess your possessions in the name of JESUS AMEN.

Beloved, Have faith in GOD. No matter how hopeless your situation is; GOD Almighty can turn it around. The Bible said David Remembered Saul, And asked if any member of his family is still alive that he may shew him favour, And Ziba said yes there is still a family member, but he is lame, and fogotten because of his condition, and he's living in the land of forgotten people called Lodebar. As soon as Mephiboseth was mentioned and declared alive, he was sent for by King David; Though he was lame and living in faustration, He was brought to live and dine in the palace for the rest of his life, His life changed, because King David sent for him and favoured him, His location changed immidiatelty from Lodebar the land of forgotten people to King David's Palace. God that did it for Mephiboseth can do it for you too, God that took Mephiboseth from eating poorly and made him ate and dine with the King all the remaining years of his life can do it for you too, God that changed Mephiboseth's life from low to high can do it for you too. God that made David remember and favour Mephiboseth will make you to be remembered and favoured. GOD IS GREAT. Mephiboseth stopped eating from hand to mouth and started eating like a prince, He regained his place in the palace and the remaining years of his life was sweet and no more bitter, And his later end was better than his beginning, The same Almighty GOD that did for Mephiboseth will do it for you; I decree Prophetically in JESUS Name. As The LORD liveth your you shall be remembered, your name shall be mentioned in your favour, Your life will change from sadness to joy, You will regain your rightful place and position, You will possess your possessions, Your life will change from ugly to beautiful, from sorrow to joy, from bitterness to sweetness, from low to the top, And you will RELOCATE to where GOD wants you to be and enjoy the promised land in JESUS Name AMEN HALLELUJAH FOREVER!!!
Stay blessed & Stay tuned.

Bible Reading - And the king (David) said is there still anyone alive of the household of Saul that I may shew him the kindness of GOD? And Ziba said Jonathan his son have a son who is lame in both feet. And king David asked where is he? And Ziba said behold he is in the house of Machir the son of Ammiel in LODEBAR (The Land Of Forgotten People). Then King David sent to fetch Mephiboseth out of the house of Machir the son of Ammiel from LODEBAR (The Land Of Forgotten People) - 2Samuel 9 vs 3 - 5 and 13...So Mephboseth dwelt in Jeruselem: for he did eat at the king's table continually (Forever) and he was lame on both his feet.

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