Shade Corner: Fans Blasts The Heck Out Of Toke Makinwa On Twitter (LMBO) Well Deserved

Those fans are mouthed lol, Them finish her 😁 I pity TM sha. Just because our TM wrote a successful book about her private life and pains doesn't give her the right to be mouth-washing other people and waiting for them to spill out their dirty little secrets in public like her. This right here is what she got when she tried to get some info about JayZ's cheating. I think she need to learn discretion and internet management. JayZ and Beyonce are doing OK inspite of the cheating record on his side, because that's what real couple do; they stay together no matter what. I am waiting to see that man that will never cheat on you TM, since majority of men cheat and only a few percent doesn't. I know your kind of men TM, you always go for the sexy-bad-guys who are cheats lol 😁 Anyway see the shades below!

This pix of  TM is all shades of sexy... HOT 🔥

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