Shade Corner: Wizkid's Saucy Reply To Tekno - Ducks Don't Play Where Lions Play, iPhone & Samsung Are Arguing, Motorola Go Come Put Mouth He Added.

LMBO! Haha 😁 Wiz reply is da bomb. These small boys will not kill me lol. Who be iPhone ? Who be Samsung ? We know Tekno is the Motorola hehehe!! I presume you are the iPhone na as the Baba 1 Of International Ground. Lol. Peace up guys!

Wizkid has no chill, he has replied Tekno for daring to shade him.

Recall Tekno, had taken to twitter to shade Wizkid, saying:

Na just time, soon we go know who international pass.
This tweet came after Wizid tagged Davido 'Local.'

Well Wizkid, has seen Tekno's tweet and has some saucy choice of words to describe the Samantha Crooner below!

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