What Joins People Together Should Be Love Not Religion!

 See people for who they are by their behaviour and don't pre-judge them by their choice of  religion. I find it so irritating when people classify themselves in various groups by religion and only show love to certain people because of same religion. If you only show love to those in your religion how can you convert those in other religion? Since religion is about conversation and faith practice in love showing; The only way to win others over to your religion is by unity and love. If you fight them or persecute them or hate them and scare them away because they are not practicing the same religion as you how do you intend to win them over? The best way to win souls over is through Love, Unity, And Peace. Not hate, division, and prejudice.

Love is what we all need to make the world a better and safer and peaceful place to live. Change starts with each and everyone of us as an individual. The only way change can happen and be effective is through love and showing love to one another irrespective of our various religion. Next time you see a Christian brethren or Muslim brethren; Stop and say hi, Stop and show love, Stop and share views, Stop and interact, Stop and give whatever you can it could be a smile, a handshake, a hug, a meal, or whatever you can. Love is shearing, Love is unity, God is Love!

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